Worried About Your Furnace?

Broken furnace on the coldest day? Wondering what that weird rattling sound is? Tired of your furnace limping from one day to the next? You may need expert heating repair. Air Butler Heating and Cooling provides quality repair for all furnace brands. If you have a problem, our experienced technicians are trained experts in diagnosing the problem and recommending solutions that are in your best interest.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

When you have a heating repair issue, you do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the problem is. At Air Butler, we know that your furnace often gives you many signs that something is wrong before it quits. If you rely on your senses to tell you how your furnace is doing, you might discover concerns before they turn disastrous.


Wyoming Professional Furnace Repair Service
Air Butler hires experienced furnace repair technicians that care about the comfort of your home.
  1. Inconsistent heating: If some rooms are freezing and others are boiling, you may be experiencing or dealing with poorly designed ductwork, a blower malfunction, or a furnace that is undersized for your home.
  1. High heating bills: Skyrocketing energy usage is an indication that your furnace is working too hard.
  2. Ineffective heating: The furnace may be turning off prematurely due to damage somewhere in the process.
  1. Rattling, grinding, or screeching noises: Components may come loose and rattle inside the equipment.
  2. Detection of gas: Fuel connections may be loose or damaged, or you may have a cracked heat exchanger. CO gas is a common occurrence from these issues and a leak could be harmful to your health.
  3. The system will not turn on: Unless you accidentally flip a circuit breaker or turn off the pilot light, this could show that your furnace is in bigger trouble.
  4. The furnace is 10 to 15-plus years old: Equipment nearing the end of its natural life span often needs more maintenance and repair.

If you worry about the cost of repairs, remember that heating problems rarely go away by themselves. People who neglect their furnaces often end up with bigger repairs that cost more. When you call Air Butler Heating and Cooling right after you sense an issue, we will work with your budget to find a solution.

Keep your furnace running smoothly with regular maintenance. Time for a new furnace? We offer high-efficiency furnaces.